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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment protects the wearer from hazards across all walks of work-life, as well as sports and hobbies such as gardening. Passing stringent tests to conform to EU and ANSI standards, our range of PPE is essential for health and safety protocols that are so important today.

Sport Eyewear

A whole host of hazards affect sports performance, from flying objects to sunny days.

Safety Trainers

A sporty substitute for work boots; stylish, comfortable and functional.

Anti - Impact Gloves

Added knuckle, finger and back of hand protect against forceful impact.

Ear Muffs

Folding style, multi-position and metal construction earmuffs minimise sound attenuation and save your hearing from permanent damage. 

Safety Goggles

Protect your eyes from chemicals, strong light and flying debris

Warning Vest

Vests with high visibility reflective properties to be worn over your clothing. 

Safety Spectacles

Versatile safety spectacles to offer protection in a myriad of circumstances.


ProPE is our own Brand for our Safety Clothing and Equipment range.