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Sustainable Accessories

Every year,  product accessories such as hangers, buckles, toggles are made in their millions and will continue to do so. Future thinking alternatives that are recycled and eco friendly will change the product accessory industry for the better. 

Accessories made from recycled drinking bottles

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions recycling plastic water bottles also helps to decrease the amount of pollution in the air and water sources. Many landfill facilities will increate plastic bottles to save waste, which can emit toxic pollutants or irritants into the air. Recent years have seen an increase in awareness regarding the negative impact plastic water bottles have on the environment.  

Hanger made of cut edge rags with drinks bottles
Collar stands made of recycled drink bottles
Collar butterfly made of recycled drink bottles
Packing clips made of recycled drink bottles
Hanging tags made of recycled drink bottles
Buckles & hooks made of recycled drink bottles

Accessories made from recycled fishing nets & ocean wasted plastics

Ghost nets contributes to the ocean plastics crisis. Most modern nets are made of nylon or other plastic compounds that can be last for centuries. According to a study in scientific reports, ghost nets make up at least 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Those abandoned fishing lines and nets that to breakdown never go away; they just become smaller pieces of plastics. Marine animals mistake this microplastic for food and eat it, which can harm internal organs, keep them eating and exposed them to toxic chemicals. 

Stoppers made of recycled ocean waste plastics
Buckles made of recycled ocean waste plastics
Retailing hooks made of recycled fishing nets

Products made from other recycled materials

 Everyone understands that green plastic needs more sustainable raw materials and manufacturing techniques. Sustainability must include the products whole life cycle and the social conditions in which those raw materials are produced. However, changes to the factory environment like mountains of sawdust created in daily production from woodworking factories, recycling saw dust is innovative and sustainable. Even the exhibition industry wastes carpet material, usually the used exhibition carpets are downcycled for print base materials, this change is positive for the exhibition industry.  


Tags made of sugar cane plastic resin
Hanger made of recycled exhibition carpets
Hanger made of recycled sawdust with polypropylene 
Infant cloth hangers made of recycled sawdust
D-Rings made of 48% recycled coconut coir
Recycled Egg shell fabric