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Sustainable & Innovative Accessories


With around 3 billion trips to the great outdoors a year, in the UK alone, the popularity of hiking, camping and all things outside has never been so high. Everyone knows the unpredictability of the weather often means being caught short in the pouring rain, and so waterproof equipment is a necessity for this well-favoured pastime. From the contents of your rucksack to a night in a tent- you want everything dry!

Innovative Zipper

Outstanding  & Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Accessories

Toggles, Buckles, D- Rings & Hangers

Recycled Buttons

Buttons & Snap Fastener

Innovative Waterproof Zipper

Innovative and excellent performance

Recycled Buttons

Made from a sustainable recycled material

Jean Buttons

Made from recycled fishing nets

Recycled Zipper

Made from recycled fishing nets and plastic waste

Eco - Friendly Toggles

Stoppers/ Toggles made from recycled fishing nets

Eco - Friendly Buckles

Made from recycled ocean waste plastics and drinking bottles