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Innovative Zippers

Low Profile Woven Chain Zipper

The Low Profile Woven Chain Zipper is an innovative and pioneering product that has top performance vs conventional products for the past 50 years. The Zip is excellent for waterproof & has a water repellent ability. Lightweight but strong it has a strength designed for all categories who request for an outstanding zip performance. The Zipper is flexible with the colour design making the Zipper functional but fashionable.

  • Low profile, higher strength but lightweight
  • Superior colour matching & contrast effect
  • Higher abrasion resistance
  • 5 times more on durable
  • Outstanding from conventional products

Interchangeable Zipper

The Interchangeable Zipper is suitable for all categories such as sportswear, outdoor, camping-related products and the automotive industry. The Interchangeable Zipper is flexible with colour combinations and contrast in design.

Stainless Steel Zipper

The stainless steel zipper inherits the unique character of the metal to provide strengthened protection and higher resistance to severe corrosion under high humidity and intensive laundry processes like kitchen, medical, and heavy-duty workwear. Besides the natural strength of steel, the product also runs smoothly on jeans, workwear and leather goods. Stainless Steel is an unfavourable surface for germs growing.

  • Over 600 standard colours and also dye- to match service available
  • Various standard pullers can be chosen and  puller customisation is available
  • Cotton tapes are offered for garment dye processes
  • M45 product for jeans and workwear application
  • Available for open-end, closed-end and continuous chain
  • Number 4 zipper is available

Recycled Zipper

The Recycled zipper comes from different wasted material including abandoned fishing nets, recycled bottles and plant-based materials. The recycled zipper is a revolutionary product that provides excellent performance and can also be made with an aqua resistant coating to stand underwater pressure and lateral tension. This zipper fits into categories that involve safety and protection from environmental conditions such as rain, storms and winds.

  • Teeth and slider made from recycled fishing nets
  • Zip tape made from recycled drinking bottles

Airtight zipper

With the advanced technology, our product provides superior performance with waterproof function even under high pressures and lateral tension. The tape coating and slit can be contrary coloured for a vivid and creative design of high functional water sportswear and gears.

  • Over 600 standard tape colours and dye- to match service available
  • Various standard pullers can be chosen and  puller customisation is available
  • Customised logo and pattern printing can be provided
  • Available for open-end, closed-end and continuous chain