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Recycled Buttons

Every year, buttons are made in their millions, and largely from non- recycled plastic. We provide a green, future thinking alternative that utilises scrap from a variety of other industries, to produce a quality button, easily comparable to its plastic counterpart. 

Coffee grinds, recycled drinks bottles ( both glass and plastic), and even milk. The potential resources are the vast and environmentally sound, 21st-century solution.

Marine recycled buttons

Marine species ingest or being entangled by ghost nets, which causes severe injuries and deaths of sea animals.

Jean buttons from recycled fishing nets (Ghost nets).
Metal Jean buttons from recycled fishing nets (Ghost nets).
Metal Jean buttons from recycled fishing nets (Ghost nets).

Plant-based recycled buttons

Plant plastics are predominantly a by-product of vegetable/plant, a diminishing resource. We are therefore seeing increasing demands to look at how we can work with biobased, renewable materials and bring new opportunities for sustainability. 

Utilising raw materials that are derived from renewable vegetable crops, that are responsibly grown, can contribute to an improved LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), which measures the environmental impact of all stage a products life from cradle to grave.

This material available excellence rubber touch feels; no rubber coating spray of general plastics is needed. Moreover, additional rubber coatings will be aged and damaged in a short while by cleaning, drying and UV lighting

Buttons made from 38% recycled Castor Beans
Buttons made of 55% Wood Fibers
Buttons made of 43% recycled Cotton Shells
Buttons made of recycled plants
Buttons made of recycled sugarcane
Buttons made from plant Elastomers

Food waste recycled buttons


Food waste is an ongoing household problem in the UK with the average household waste being 4.5m tonnes a year. Due to this we are seeing an increasing demand to look at how we can work with renewable materials to turn waste into a sustainable product.


Buttons made of 34% Coffee Grounds
Buttons made of 56% recycled milk
Snap Fastener made of recycled food waste

General waste recycled buttons


There is a huge demand for phasing out non-recyclable products such as jean buttons and buttons, introducing an eco-friendly and natural alternative to plastics, much of the push comes from the public pressure and the rising tide of sustainability goals that companies are committing to. Starting with Jean buttons and buttons sets the path to a feasible and transparent change to the garment industry.


Jean buttons core made of Recycled Glass Bottles
Jean buttons core made of Newspaper Recycling by Hot Blocking.
Buttons made of Recycled Rags & Threads
Jean buttons made of recycled drink bottles (RPET)
Buttons made of 55% recycled wood fibre
Button made of recycled drink bottles ( RPET)